• Dana LaMon, a blind African-American and retired judge, has been providing professional speaking services since 1991. He earned the title of World Champion of Public Speaking from Toastmasters International in 1992. He has spoken to audiences from Asia to South Africa, including more than 35 states of the U.S. A look at his qualifications and background will reveal why he is successful at inspiring and motivating his listeners.

Making the Moment Meaningful

You have purpose. When you feel that you want to do something more satisfying, that you want to make a difference, you are simply experiencing the yearning to fulfill your purpose. At this web site you will find resources that will help you create a path to purpose and fulfillment.

When I was four years old, an event occurred that dramatically changed the direction of my life. I became blind. When I did, I could have adopted a life of self-pity; of questioning "why me;" of limitations imposed by others with their repeated refrain, "You're blind; you can't." I chose instead to use the abilities I have to live a full, complete, and purposeful life. This life is my only opportunity to do so.

You can choose to let circumstances and events dictate the course of your life, but doing so you miss a golden opportunity to make a difference. This life is your opportunity to shape the world. You can shape it knowingly or unconsciously; you can shape it with positive action or passive acquiescence. I recommend knowing, positive actions as you shape the world. What you do at home shapes the world; what you do on the job shapes the world; what you do in your community shapes the world. My mission is to help you ensure that what you do will be meaningful.

I provide keynotes, workshops, and other resources to motivate and inspire meaningful living. Life is meaningful when what you do showcases your talents and abilities, serves the good of humanity, shares love, and satisfies your soul.


Your life is too valuable to lose it on insignificance. Now is the moment to act. The speeches, books, and articles available here are developed to help you make choices and remove the clutter to create a path for making the moment meaningful--that is, a path to purpose and fulfillment.

A recent message from Dana
  • Message for July 2014


    Are you free to live a meaningful life?


    The freedom to live your life with meaning is a matter of choice. You choose what you will own; you choose where you will work; you choose how you will be entertained; you choose whether or not to have the praise of others. If today you feel shackled and unable to live the life of meaning you desire, you must choose to do something different tomorrow. When you set yourself free, you have cause to celebrate.