Dana LaMon

Motivational Speaker and Author

A presentation on growing from, not just coping with, change.


Our external environment is constantly changing, and we change along with it. It is sudden and/or dramatic change that throws us off into a resistance mode. 

A new paradigm for change can promote growth, not just support coping, for the person who: 

  • Responds on the defensive by resisting, rather than on the offensive by directing, the course of change. 
  • Focuses on what is happening instead of why it is happening.
  • Is distracted by the surroundings and loses sight of where he or she is going.
  • Is locked into one way of getting it done.
  • Has lapsed into the mode of just-getting-by.
  • Is fast approaching burnout.

Change A-D-V-I-C-E is offered as a keynote 30 to 60 minutes long, depending on your program. Clients have requested this presentation to open a conference, convention, or other training program.

Here's an audio excerpt (mp3) and one sheet presentation description (PDF) of the speech delivered as a keynote.

Looking forward to serving you to meet your professional speaking needs.

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