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A presentation on personal development.


Within each of us is planted the seed of greatness. It is a potential that is worth more than the jackpot that you might win from a slot machine. Sadly, many people are more willing to try their luck in a gambling casino rather than to take a chance on themselves.

Three barriers that can stop us from taking a chance and creating our winning opportunities are:

  • Fear. Learn to F-A-C-E the fears that prevent you from taking a chance. The first step is to find out what it is that you fear.
  • Comfort. Know when to act, and do not let comfort stop you from taking a chance. You have to be willing to break out of your routine.
  • Indifference. Develop and maintain sources for revitalizing your enthusiasm and replenishing your energy so that indifference does not stunt your growth. You must keep moving forward even after experiencing losses.

Take A Chance is offered as a keynote 20 to 45 minutes long, depending on your program. Clients have requested this presentation to open a conference, convention, or other training program, particularly when held in a location such as Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

Here's an audio excerpt (mp3) and one sheet presentation description (PDF) of the speech delivered as a keynote.

Looking forward to serving you to meet your professional speaking needs.

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